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Someone said it is Spring now

Well rumor has it that it is Spring now.  As everyone is aware we are certainly getting the water up here – though still have snow slated for the weekend.  Oh well – nature really doesn’t seem to care what … Continue reading

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Obama 2.0 – The Connected Prez

I recently read a Star Tribune article about how Obama built this huge communications network and that is one of the reasons he won the Presidency.  In essence I agree with him.  I disagree with a lot of his policies … Continue reading

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Link roundup – November 12th

Here are some interesting articles/posts that I have found or been sent… most I found neat, but haven’t had time time or need to do a full post on them.  However, I thought others might find them interesting as well. … Continue reading

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Twitter Writing Contest 2.0

Now of course, to actually win the contest, one needs a Twitter account.  However, since I decided to start using my Twitter account (http://twitter.com/olorinpc), I might as well try this contest out. Write a Killer Haiku for the Win As … Continue reading

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Twitter Convert

Well – I have finally given up and gotten sucked into Twitter.  I had tested Plurk for a little while, but just found I didn’t use it and didn’t know that many people on it.  However, I have a few … Continue reading

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