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Out of the Dark Review

Out of the Dark by David Weber Jakob’s Goodreads Rating: (3) of 5 Stars – “Liked It” Recommended for: Military Scifi/Scifi Readers Book Description: Earth is conquered. The Shongairi have arrived in force, and humanity’s cities lie in radioactive ruins. In mere minutes, over half the human race has died. Now Master Sergeant Stephen Buchevsky,… Read More »

Scifi Space Operas

There was a good post over on SF Signal this morning about favorite Space Operas.  A number of the ones listed I have read, though I did note a few I felt were missing.  Book lists are always very subjective things, so perhaps missing is the wrong term.  Books or series that I personally feel… Read More »

The Myriad Review

The Myriad (Tour of the Merrimack, #1) by R.M. Meluch Jakob’s Goodreads Rating: (2) of 5 Stars – “It was ok” Recommended for: Military Scifi Readers Book description: The U.S.S. Merrimack was the finest battleship class spaceship in Earth’s fleet, able to stand up against the best the Palatine Empire could throw at them, even… Read More »

BSG Wedding

With Battlestar Galatica’s return almost here… (*shakes fist at SciFi Network! Also grumbles about reality tv shows on the *scifi* network*) I loved this post this morning. Via Galatica Sitrep: BSG (now CSI) writer Bradley Thompson went and got hitched the other night, and he did so in grand style. The officiator was none other… Read More »