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Someone said it is Spring now

Well rumor has it that it is Spring now.  As everyone is aware we are certainly getting the water up here – though still have snow slated for the weekend.  Oh well – nature really doesn’t seem to care what … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Firecall

Well yesterday turned out to be a pretty busy day.  I was just getting finished with the turkey and stuffing, and the pager went off.  The Jamestown Sun had a brief article about it up before I even got home, … Continue reading

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Winter is coming

Well haven’t seen the weather map look like this for a while.  Looks like snow is just starting to hit Jamestown now.  (For those who don’t know, Jamestown is between Bismarck and Fargo in North Dakota.) Well, it had to … Continue reading

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Election Day Special

Happy election day folks!  Instead of throwing a last minute “vote for so and so” post up, I thought I would keep it far less… directional than that.  Though followers of this site are probably quite familiar with the fact … Continue reading

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Lunch Break with Jake: 11/03/08 (Missed it)

Well, I didn’t get a chance to do a “Lunch Break with Jake” today.  There was a good reason for that. You see, normally, I get home and make lunch.  While eating lunch I write about whatever topic I came … Continue reading

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Remember. I have been pondering for a day or two what I wanted to write. ThatEdeGuy had a good post on it this morning as well. I had a feeling this post was going to wander a bit, but at … Continue reading

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Hump Day

Well it is quite a wet Wednesday out there – Jamestown is getting hit with some nice solid rain.  (Logan over at the Sun posted a vid and a funny scanner comment on it.)  On the bright side, Jennie swung … Continue reading

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Issue 1: The New Homeowner Chronicals

This is probably going to turn into something of an installment piece. A chronicle of a “New Homeowner” so to speak. The idea is to do pieces on our first house. It is an exciting time, but I am sure … Continue reading

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Quite Zone in Jamestown

Well the quite zone is being discussed again. (Article from the Jamestown Sun.) Before anything let me be perfectly clear – I hate the trains. Twice in town I have lived near the tracks and can’t wait till Jennie and … Continue reading

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Exciting weekend!

It has been a busy, but exciting weekend so far.  We closed on our new house Friday.  Since then we have been looking over the place and trying to move small loads of stuff.  (The idea being when everyone shows … Continue reading

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