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A review of Jorge Luis Borges – The Sonnets

Ye, whose aspirings court the Muse of lays “Severest of those orders which belong Distinct and separate to Delphic song” Why shun the sonnet’s undulating maze? Or why its name, boast of Petrarcan days, Assume, its rules disown’d?–whom from the throng The Muse selects, their ear the charm obeys Of its full harmony:–they fear to… Read More »

Reviewing the ad policy

As you may or may not be aware, this site has an advertising policy.  When I launched the site in December of 2009 I came up with the policy.  I wanted to be clear for readers what I was trying to do with the site and why I felt intrusive advertising took away from it.… Read More »

Rolling into February

Wow, somehow we are rolling into February 2010 already.  I am behind on my photo project, yet I kind of suspected that would happen.  I have been focusing on things over at Epic Plains and that is going pretty well actually.  I have been doing a lot of book reviews and am managing about twice… Read More »