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Comics – Business Casual

Today I wanted to share one of my favorite comics I discovered in the last year.  I think anyone who was worked in a corporate office environment will appreciate this, though it follows IT guys specifically. Introducing: Business Casual A … Continue reading

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Holidays are over but it was fun.

Well over the holiday break is over.  I am now back to work and over my self imposed break from the internet as well.  (The net is fun of course and I love blogging, but the week I was off … Continue reading

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Model Train Comics

Well I have a couple of comics for everyone today.  These I think display well my current temperment as I get back into the hobby.  (Experiancing quite a bit of excitement as I do!) Walt – Toy Train Overdose First … Continue reading

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Why Socialism is evil

I finally found the comic I have been looking for that best illustrates my view of socialism and its implementation. From Mark Perry’s blog. “Helping one’s fellow man in need, by reaching into one’s own pockets, is a laudable and … Continue reading

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