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The Right Environment to Write

Writers create their best work when their environment is conducive to creativity and concentration. However, achieving the optimal writing environment can be challenging. If your workspace is too warm, too cluttered or too distracting, you may be unable to complete your assignments. Below are some tips you can use to improve your workspace and encourage… Read More »

Why I like Goodreads

You may have noticed the “G” logo on my social homes menu to the right.  That is the logo for Goodreads.  Some might be familiar with it, others might not be.  Goodreads is a site that is a social network, but specifically for books.  It can be used to track what you have read, what… Read More »

I have a problem

My name is Jakob and I have a problem.  I love books, so I don’t consider this a very bad problem!  My problem is that I don’t like to get rid of books.  When we moved into our house a couple of years ago, I finally had a room big enough to build a nice… Read More »

Cybermancy Review

Cybermancy is the second book about Ravirn by Kelly McCullough. Like the first book, Webmage, the book is a quick read, but a blast throughout.  It is a fun mix of cyberpunk, greek mythology, fantasy, and a bit of scifi all rolled up into a quirky ball.  This of course isn’t the first time hacking/cyberpunk… Read More »