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Dude – what happened to your other site?

If you have visited this site before, or one of my other sites (I will get to that shortly) you might notice some changes around Olorinpc.com. I am currently in the process of redesigning and refreshing the entire site. The site code had been kept up to date, but the theme, content, etc I had let become rather dated. You might have even gotten to this site from a link to a different domain… Continue reading

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The Right Environment to Write

Writers create their best work when their environment is conducive to creativity and concentration. However, achieving the optimal writing environment can be challenging. If your workspace is too warm, too cluttered or too distracting, you may be unable to complete … Continue reading

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A review of Jorge Luis Borges – The Sonnets

Ye, whose aspirings court the Muse of lays “Severest of those orders which belong Distinct and separate to Delphic song” Why shun the sonnet’s undulating maze? Or why its name, boast of Petrarcan days, Assume, its rules disown’d?–whom from the … Continue reading

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Review writing

Review writing can be a great way to build a writing portfolio and experience.  It is naturally a bit of a different beast than fiction writing and blog article writing, but can be enjoyable as well.  In some cases it … Continue reading

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Guest posts and contributing writers

There are now a couple of writers who have contributed posts to Epic Plains.  It seems like a good time to discuss why I am having others write for this blog and, if any readers are so inclined, how to … Continue reading

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200th Post on Olorinpc.com

Well, I was working on a draft of a new post and I noticed that I was at 199 posts. I figured I would put a quick note about that up. It is kind of neat actually. One way or … Continue reading

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New blog

Welcome to Model Train Rookie! I have started this blog as I am going to be getting back into Model Railroading in the next few months.  I used to build model trains with my dad when I was a kid.  … Continue reading

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Blogging Assistant Today

Since I am working on blogging today.  (Being that I am off of work for the whole week.)  I am working in my upstairs office. This has given me an assistant today.  He is an excellent foot warmer, along with … Continue reading

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Better Blogging

I believe being part of the blogging world means sharing.  I decided to do a post on how to blog better.  I have learned many things from my fellow bloggers out there.  Some have been from huge popular blogs, and … Continue reading

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Lunch Break with Jake: 10/28/08

One of the questions I get from time to time goes a bit like this: “Jake, where do you find this stuff?”  That typically is a reference to a blog I linked to, news article, etc. The short answer is … Continue reading

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