Stutsman Frequencies

These are the frequencies that we currently monitor:

We have noted on what frequencies “tone-outs” are on and the purpose of those tones.

Police: 155.550

This is the main Jamestown Police frequency in Jamestown, ND

Pages: Ambulance Calls

City Fire: 153.860

Jamestown Fire Department.

Pages: Ready Squad and City Fire Calls

Rural Fire: 155.040

Never heard any traffic on this frequency, however I need to double check, but I believe this is the repeater frequency for the below County band.

Ambulance: 155.400

Usual frequency ambulance uses to contact Jamestown Hospital

Ambulance: 155.340

Update: Actually it seems once in a while you can pick up lifeflight traffic on this frequency.

Emergency: 155.475

ND State: 155.505

ND State: 154.905

Update: Occasionally pick up state radio tone outs. (Verona FD being one.)

Rural Fire: 154.055

Jamestown Rural Fire Department frequency. Also used by some county services and some bus service. (Unfortunately there is significant bus traffic during business hours which can be annoying. It is however a county (Read shared – frequency)

Pages: JRFD Fire Calls; Kensel Fire Calls; Carrington Fire Calls; Pingree Fire Calls. (Outlying towns are not always picked up, or only Stutsman LEC side of traffic.)

State: 155.430

Prison Internal Radios: 158.730

Unmonitored – frequent prison related traffic.

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