Old Sites

I wrote a post on this, but Olorinpc.com is now home to quite a few different sites that I used to run and maintain.  Below you will find a list of the site, what they were about, and the status of those.

Epicplains.comBlog and website built around writing, the craft of writing, book reviews, etcMerged back into olorinpc.com
Midwesttechreviews.comPC Hardware review site.I became too busy to try to grow the blog, nasty malware wreaked the site, so domain points to olorinpc.com
Axaptasource.comBlog and site dedicated to the ERP solution Dynamics AX.Haven't worked with the software in 6 years - discontinued and domain points to olorinpc.com
SAPBISource.comBlog and site dedicated to Business Intelligence on the SAP platform.Never really built it up like I was planning - discontinued and pointing to olorinpc.com
AnalyticsAlley.comBlog and site dedicated to non-solution specific reporting and analytics topics.Was working on a future site project here, however will be doing any work that was planned there on olorinpc.com
Jakobbarnard.comPersonal online resume and "about me" siteMerged and incorporated the site into my main olorinpc.com site
jakebarnard.comPointed to jakobbarnard.com as a secondary alias.Now points to olorinpc.com in line with moving the other version
supergeekblog.comSite dedicated to tech news and reviews.Was replaced with MTR, but still exists. It hasn't yet been merged into olorinpc.com though likely will be at some point in the future.

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