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Almost ready…

Well we made some great progress tonight! We met with some of the family that arrived tonight and had dinner. Then Ann, Shane, Trav, and Jess helped us start getting the various projects ready for the reception. We got a lot more done than we expected, so there is that much less to do tomorrow… Read More »

Yep this week

well things are still coming together.  We got the draft of the program finished this weekend.  Still a little stressfull for us trying to finish everything up, but there is the getting excited part too. 🙂 I have been talking to a number of people who are going to be heading this way soon, and… Read More »

On the countdown…

Welp – we are on the final count down here.  People will start arriving in town here in one week now, with the wedding being in 9 days, 1 hour, and 56 min.  (Well till midnight the day of… I have a little countdown clock on my MySpace page.) I really can’t wait to see… Read More »

Fun weekend

Well the weekend was a fun time.  It was great hanging out with a bunch of the guys, and they made sure I had a good time too lol.  Not everyone could make it of course, but when dealing with that many schedules and at least 2-3 states, tooootally understandable.  There were 10 of us… Read More »

Bachelor Party and a Birthday!

Well – it is going to be a fuuuun weekend!  We are having my bachelor party tomorrow in Fargo.  Why Fargo you might ask?  Well there are two reasons for that… first being that there are more forms and places of entertainment available there.  Second, and the larger reason I think, is that Jennie and… Read More »


Did I ever mention… that moving and packing sucks?  Well it does. Well, I think most of you guys have heard, Jennie and I have to move again…  we have been living in a house that was still for sale, and unfortunately it sold.  So we have to move.  These things happen, so we are… Read More »

Barnard Wedding Plans progressing

I am also trying to keep the family website updated with wedding stuff as well, so the wedding post today is over on that site. Head on over! [tags]Jake Barnard, Olorinpc, Jamestown, North Dakota[/tags]

The Wedding Update

Well for the Friday wedding update… the weekend seems to be our time to really get stuff done.  The extra time I will have this weekend (with not working Monday or Tuesday) will really help. On the top of my list is getting the invite list fully compiled.  ie – Jennie’s list and my list,… Read More »

Weekend plans

Welp it is about time for the weekend. I have been working during my free time today to keep cleaning up the code for this site. I have been straightening out the advertising and layout of the sidebars. I believe it looks and works a lot better now, though I may still redo the site… Read More »