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Dude – what happened to your other site?

If you have visited this site before, or one of my other sites (I will get to that shortly) you might notice some changes around I am currently in the process of redesigning and refreshing the entire site. The site code had been kept up to date, but the theme, content, etc I had let become rather dated. You might have even gotten to this site from a link to a different domain…

New site

Been a little off my track here on for a few different reasons. Life off the web got a little crazy has a lot to do with it, so haven’t really been able to get caught up on all of my side projects. (This site being one of them.) I have about 2-3 book reviews… Read More »

Scanner site closed

For those who were aware of it, I did have a website called “Scanner Whores.”  I recently closed down the site and let the domain expire.  The domain name and website are from an old joke. I closed it down mostly because I didn’t use it at all, never updated it, and it never received… Read More »

Limited accomplishment

Well I managed limited accomplishments this weekend.  I had planned on getting the whole upstairs finished, but that didn’t exactly happen.  A few distractions prevented that.  I did however get some time to work on setting up my new blog. It is going to run parallel to Axapta Source and eventually totally replace that.  I… Read More »

New dedication to this site

I will paste below this, my “myspace” post. The gist is however, I would rather upkeep this blog, than the mired mess of other social profiles I have managed to get myself into. In all reality, I have overbooked myself. I tried to upkeep this site, myspace, facebook, firefigher nation, deviantART, work blogs, (play World… Read More »

Yep still around

Yep I am still around, actually I have been posting on a number of other blogs, and neglected my personal one. One of the blogs I have been posting on is my myspace blog.  Infrequently, but it is actually more up to date than this one.  I have also been somewhat keeping up my old… Read More »