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North Dakota Public Policy Institute – Sat Dec. 20th

ThatEdeGuy and myself will be attending the North Dakota Public Policy Institute this Saturday the 20th of December in Bismarck, ND.  We are both looking forward to attending as it will give us a chance to network with some of the folks we have heard of, conversed with, and a fellow blogger or two.  (Hi… Read More »

Tax And Spend: Hoeven Announces Plans For A 26% Increase In Government Spending

Apparently our local state government misses the concept of being fiscally conservative just as much as the federal government does. Rob from SayAnythingBlog has a great recap of Hoeven’s tax plan for the next fiscal session. (Every 2 years in ND.) This is a 26% increase in government spending – on the heels of a 24% increase in spending during the last session!

Why Socialism is evil

I finally found the comic I have been looking for that best illustrates my view of socialism and its implementation. From Mark Perry’s blog. “Helping one’s fellow man in need, by reaching into one’s own pockets, is a laudable and praiseworthy goal. Doing the same through coercion and reaching into another’s pockets has no redeeming… Read More »

Live blogging Obama address, updated

Started on the economy – job loss Working with President Bush economic team Immediately after becoming president focusing on the economy. Introducing the transition team… discussed most immediate Rescue plan for the middle class – invest in jobs, relief for families. Unemployment insurance plan Economic stimulus plan to jumpstart things Financial sector crisis, must remember… Read More »