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Confusion – Poem

Past coming alive, Future becoming clouded, Memories draining, Thoughts provoking, Mind restraining, Heart lost, Lost in the midst, Midst of old, Midst of new, Forgetting past, In favor of future, Hoping for the continuation, Continuation of Hope, Better days, They are here, Keeping them going, The only possible plan. ~ 9/30/01 by Jakob Barnard ~… Read More »

another poem

Each of course was written by me and meaning something at the time it was written and something to me now of course as well…. It is time to toss the dice; Are we Men or are we Mice; It is time to toss the dice; Where do our fortunes lie; When the light of… Read More »

Poetry post

I found my collection of poems I have written in the past. Not sure why, but this is one of my fav poems I have ever written… Red Sorrow The room is dimly lit, Soft drops heard in the darkness, Despair the steadfast companion, The drops are close, Sitting back hands red, Tears the color… Read More »