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Christmas Pics

Christmas was a bit different this year.  Originally we had planned on heading down to the Twin Cities to visit family.  However with the blizzard rolling in, we made the call to stay here in Jamestown.  Shane and his family made the same call, so we had a Christmas event here.  It was rather fun,… Read More »

In the dog house

Along the line of Ede’s doggy court, Sparky was busted, evidence collected, and sentenced. Today’s criminal, one Mr. Sparky Barnard, was caught red-handed. Exhibit A) Unfortunately this was discovered as merely a cover story for the larger crime.  Committed in secret upstairs.  Right next to the location of a previous infraction! Exhibit B) As we… Read More »

Weekend suddenly free

Well the weekend suddenly freed up. The girls were going to have a garage sale this weekend, and decided to bump it back till after Jennie and I move. (By girls I mean Ede’s and my wife.) Actually a pretty good idea. First reason being we will have a little more time to gather stuff… Read More »