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Battlestar Rhapsody

Now I have been feeling a bit of the BSG shakes lately.  You know, Friday night withdrawal.  (Still hoping to get my hands on the BSG Box Set with all seasons.) Caprica is coming out soon and the Extended Pilot Episode is available on and is actually worth watching.  I am still not convinced… Read More »

Link roundup – November 12th

Here are some interesting articles/posts that I have found or been sent… most I found neat, but haven’t had time time or need to do a full post on them.  However, I thought others might find them interesting as well. So here you go: “Winter is coming to H.B.O” – GRRM’s A Game of Thrones… Read More »


Well ThatEdeGuy started this… but here is what Superhero I am. I do however protest the results. This quiz is clearly biased due to the fact He-Man is not included. Your results: You are Green Lantern Green Lantern 75% Superman 75% Spider-Man 70% The Flash 65% Hulk 55% Robin 54% Iron Man 50% Batman 50%… Read More »