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Night time at the lake

DSC_2107 Originally uploaded by Olorinpc I was playing around with night photography at the lake. Managed to come up with this great one. 30 second exposure with the aperture as wide open as possible. Liked how the moon really illuminated the clouds and it was long enough to capture a little of the cloud moment… Read More »

New site

Been a little off my track here on for a few different reasons. Life off the web got a little crazy has a lot to do with it, so haven’t really been able to get caught up on all of my side projects. (This site being one of them.) I have about 2-3 book reviews… Read More »

Rolling into February

Wow, somehow we are rolling into February 2010 already.  I am behind on my photo project, yet I kind of suspected that would happen.  I have been focusing on things over at Epic Plains and that is going pretty well actually.  I have been doing a lot of book reviews and am managing about twice… Read More »

9 years of

Wow – how things change.  9 years ago today I first registered 1/1/2001.  This site has undergone quite a few transformations over the years.  From a hand-coded in html site to a full blog running the latest version of wordpress. My old logo: A few different versions from mid-2001 till last year when I… Read More »

Scanner site closed

For those who were aware of it, I did have a website called “Scanner Whores.”  I recently closed down the site and let the domain expire.  The domain name and website are from an old joke. I closed it down mostly because I didn’t use it at all, never updated it, and it never received… Read More »