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Changing Location for Inspiration

Location, location, location. Great writers will tell you it means everything when it comes to composing their next sentence. Whether you are writing a classical fiction tale or just putting thoughts down in a journal, it can be the catalyst … Continue reading

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The Right Environment to Write

Writers create their best work when their environment is conducive to creativity and concentration. However, achieving the optimal writing environment can be challenging. If your workspace is too warm, too cluttered or too distracting, you may be unable to complete … Continue reading

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A review of Jorge Luis Borges – The Sonnets

Ye, whose aspirings court the Muse of lays “Severest of those orders which belong Distinct and separate to Delphic song” Why shun the sonnet’s undulating maze? Or why its name, boast of Petrarcan days, Assume, its rules disown’d?–whom from the … Continue reading

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A Hard Case

Ever since the first monk cobbled together a series of wax tablets into a portable collection of reading material, books have played an invaluable role in the development of mankind. Movable type, scrolls and leaflets, and the eventual development and … Continue reading

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Focusing on your own writer’s block

I was about to begin by writing, “we’ve all had writers block at one time or another,” and then I thought better. Besides being bad writing, reason enough to start over, that sentence presupposes that writer’s block is not supremely … Continue reading

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The Student Reader

In a month of big tech news, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos made the biggest tech news on September 28th. Speculation about Amazon’s “iPad killer” tablet had been floating around for months, but what Bezos revealed was even bigger: a family … Continue reading

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Book Smarts

E-books still have a hard fight ahead of them before they overtake print books, but it’s a fight they might eventually win. With Internet retailer Amazon selling more e-books than print this year, there’s a clear sign that the demand … Continue reading

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The Borders Question

Contributed by: Joseph Baker Borders filed Chapter 11 Bankruptcy in February, and they recently announced that they are closing down their remaining 399 store locations. With the death of Borders book stores, many book lovers are wondering about the future … Continue reading

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