Boston University – MSCIS


In January 2014, I started pursuing my Masters of Science in Computer Information Systems – with a concentration in Database Management and Business Intelligence at Boston University.  I will be completing this program by the end of 2016.  If you are interested, below you will find my MSCIS program as currently planned.

Course Name
Academic progress and plan as of May 2016.
Application for Graduation submitted to be a January 2017 BU MSCIS graduate.
CS 546Quantitative Methods for Information Systems

Complete - Spring 1, 2014

CS 625Business Data Communication and Networks

Complete - Spring 2, 2014

CS 669Database Design and Implementation for Business

Complete - Summer 2, 2014

CS 779Advanced Database Management

Complete - Fall 2, 2014

CS 682Information Systems Analysis and Design

Complete - Spring 1, 2015

CS 634Agile Software Development

Complete - Fall 2, 2015

CS 783Enterprise Architecture

Complete - Spring 1, 2016

CS 674Database Security

Complete - Spring 2, 2016

CS 782IT Strategy and Management

Registered - Summer 2, 2016

CS 699Data Mining and Business Intelligence

Registered - Fall 2, 2016

*Waiver was obtained to replace CS601 (Web Application Development) with CS634 (Agile Software Design)

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