Monthly Archives: December 2010

Three Junes Review

Three Junes By: Julia Glass Paige’s Rating: (2.5) of 5 Stars Recommended for: Fiction Readers An astonishing first novel that traces the lives of a Scottish family over a decade as they confront the joys and longings, fulfillments and betrayals of love in all its guises. I really am unsure what to think about this… Read More »

Life with my Sister Madonna Review

Life with My Sister Madonna By: Christopher Ciccone Paige’s Rating: (4) of 5 Stars Recommended for: Non-Fiction/Pop-Culture Readers Ciccone’s extraordinary memoir is based on his life and forty-seven years of growing up with and working with his sister – the most famous woman in the world. Ok wait. Now before you chastise me about picking… Read More »

NaNoWriMo 2010 – Win

Ahhh December.  The keyboard smoke from NaNoWriMo is starting to settle, and a second NaNo win under my belt.  A vast sense of accomplishment fills me. Not everyone likes NaNoWriMo for various reasons.  Many I follow actually “failed” this year, and the NaNo definition of fail being that they didn’t reach the 50k.  Over on… Read More »