Monthly Archives: June 2010 Noctua Cooler Review

I recently had the enjoyable time over at reviewing Noctua’s NH-U9B SE2 heatsink. The review has gone live today, so head on over to check it out.  There are a variety of ways to approach CPU cooling and this one took the sound approach.  I still haven’t taken it out of my machine because it is… Read More »

Scifi Space Operas

There was a good post over on SF Signal this morning about favorite Space Operas.  A number of the ones listed I have read, though I did note a few I felt were missing.  Book lists are always very subjective things, so perhaps missing is the wrong term.  Books or series that I personally feel… Read More »

External HDD Skins

Ok, maybe I am a bit off the wall here, but I just don’t see this product being that popular.  I saw over on HotHardware this morning that Iomega is releasing 3 skinned external drive enclosures in the 500gb range.  That is good and all, but drawing attention to my portable data storage is the… Read More »

SSD To Under $70???

Saw this over on HotHardware this morning – Corsair is coming out with a 32gb Solid State drive, that after rebate comes in at less than $70.  This makes something like SilverStone’s HDDBOOST which I recently reviewed, much more affordable. While 32gb isn’t bad for a primary OS drive, it is a little on the… Read More »