Monthly Archives: December 2009

Novelnaut – Author Blog

My friend Shane has set up a new writing site called “Novelnaut.”  It looks like he has similar goals with his site to what I have for Epic Plains.  He is intending it to be his “Writer’s Blog.” In his own words: A blog where I can ponder the life of a writer, review the… Read More »

Books on Writing

Pimp my Novel has been a great discovery of mine.  I always find interesting posts popping up in Google Reader from that site. This morning is no exception.  It is actually a guest post on the blog, but it is well written and worth checking out.  The topic is “Books on Writing” and it is… Read More »

Lit Resources

I have started a resources page. There are a number of online resources I have found interesting or useful that I wanted to share. They are a mix of literary sites, publishers, agent blogs, author blogs, and more. Wow – there is a lot of information about the industry out there. So that is why… Read More »

Scanner site closed

For those who were aware of it, I did have a website called “Scanner Whores.”  I recently closed down the site and let the domain expire.  The domain name and website are from an old joke. I closed it down mostly because I didn’t use it at all, never updated it, and it never received… Read More »


This is the first test post as I get the portal set up.  In the meantime, please visit my primary site: Epic Plains™ is a registered trade name in the State of North Dakota. Site and description coming soon!