Home for the holidays or not

Well the weather was just looking too questionable, so Jennie and I made the call to not head to MN for Christmas.  For those who don’t know, both of our families live in Minnesota.  This tends to make things interesting as we try to visit everyone we can when we make the 6hrs to visit.  It also is great as we get to see a bunch of people at once 🙂

Though we do hope to make it down after the storm passes to make the rounds and try to visit everyone then.

I might get some posts up on here and Epic Plains over the weekend, but not sure if I will manage to get any set up or not.  Either way, I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!

About Jakob Barnard

I live in Jamestown, ND where I work for RealTruck.com, a firefighter with the Jamestown Rural Fire Dept, and keep rather busy.
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