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I am currently trying out  The site came up on a freelance writing site that I subscribe to and I looked like it might be worth giving a shot.

First impression is that while it is possible to make some additional income from writing, the volume one would have to do at the relatively low pay rate seems prohibitive for making it into a viable revenue stream.  That is while working a day job, blogging, writing, editing, and somewhere in there spending time with the family.

The other difficulty that I ran into with the one article I wrote and sold via the site was that it took me longer to write a 320 word article than I thought it would.  When you have no interest in the subject mater it takes quite a bit more time to research and produce the content.  Now with a little practice, I suspect that will get easier.  Though knowing you are essentially ghost writing is somewhat disheartening as well.

However, difficulties aside, it does seem possible to make the occasional extra few dollars writing a piece every now and then.  So I don’t think I am going to give up trying out that site.  I am just going to make sure it doesn’t take away from blogging or writing since both of those are more important to me.

About Jakob Barnard

I live in Jamestown, ND where I work for, a firefighter with the Jamestown Rural Fire Dept, and keep rather busy.
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4 Responses to Freelance Writing

  1. David says:

    Hi there, I checked out some freelance writing sites myself and was similarly disheartened by the remuneration offered! Writing is still a hobby of mine, but the day job doesn’t give me too much time to indulge in it. Still, I dream of working on and publishing a couple of novels someday…. (sigh)

  2. Sounds like the same boat 🙂

  3. Nikki says: is another freelancing website. I’ve started setting up an account, but I haven’t had the time to seriously check things out. Maybe it will be a summer project.

  4. I’ll have to check that one out too. Textbrokers and DemandStudios are the only two I have looked at briefly, but haven’t set up a DemandStudios account yet and only have done a couple TB pieces.

    Be interesting to compare the rates between them all.