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Goodreads – Read in 2009

One of the largest recommendations other authors mention about writing is to not forget to read. I have found Goodreads to be a great site to track and collect what books I read.  My user page can be found here.  If you are a fellow Goodreads user, feel free to add me.  Starting in 2009,… Read More »

Christmas Pics

Christmas was a bit different this year.  Originally we had planned on heading down to the Twin Cities to visit family.  However with the blizzard rolling in, we made the call to stay here in Jamestown.  Shane and his family made the same call, so we had a Christmas event here.  It was rather fun,… Read More »

Battlestar Rhapsody

Now I have been feeling a bit of the BSG shakes lately.  You know, Friday night withdrawal.  (Still hoping to get my hands on the BSG Box Set with all seasons.) Caprica is coming out soon and the Extended Pilot Episode is available on and is actually worth watching.  I am still not convinced… Read More »

Writing Short Stories

I find myself having difficulty writing short stories. At first this kind of surprised me. Why when I am managing to write a 80k novel am I having difficulty getting a decent story mapped out that is around 6k words long? I think the difficulty I am having is that I am spending too much… Read More »

Freelance Writing

I am currently trying out  The site came up on a freelance writing site that I subscribe to and I looked like it might be worth giving a shot. First impression is that while it is possible to make some additional income from writing, the volume one would have to do at the relatively… Read More »

Home for the holidays or not

Well the weather was just looking too questionable, so Jennie and I made the call to not head to MN for Christmas.  For those who don’t know, both of our families live in Minnesota.  This tends to make things interesting as we try to visit everyone we can when we make the 6hrs to visit. … Read More »

KoD December Update

KoD stands for The Kingdom of Dragmar. KoD is the fantasy novel I am working on. While it is technically a NaNo novel (meaning the bulk of it was written during a NaNoWriMo event), I am taking the time with it that it deserves. I have actually had the story in mind for at least… Read More »

Mac vs PC

The Mac vs PC debate is an interesting one.  PC dominates the market place, so why is there such strong opinions?  Often times it seems people prefer which ever they started on.  Although in cases like mine, that isn’t really true. Myself, started as an Apple geek.  My first computer (which came from my Dad)… Read More »