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Model Train Comics

Well I have a couple of comics for everyone today.  These I think display well my current temperment as I get back into the hobby.  (Experiancing quite a bit of excitement as I do!) Walt – Toy Train Overdose First … Continue reading

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North Dakota Public Policy Institute – Sat Dec. 20th

ThatEdeGuy and myself will be attending the North Dakota Public Policy Institute this Saturday the 20th of December in Bismarck, ND.  We are both looking forward to attending as it will give us a chance to network with some of … Continue reading

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New finds

Well I haven’t made any progress since building the table.  Picking up the train stuff over Christmas break. One of the best finds I have made is another yahoo group.  MarklinBandG.  Anyone interesting in Marklin trains – I highly recommend … Continue reading

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200th Post on

Well, I was working on a draft of a new post and I noticed that I was at 199 posts. I figured I would put a quick note about that up. It is kind of neat actually. One way or … Continue reading

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Stop, Drop, and Blog – HP Contest

First, let me say, if you haven’t heard about the HP Magic Giveaway contest yet… go look at it!  HP is having 50 different bloggers around the world give away $6,000 worth of computer equipment.  It is a pretty cool … Continue reading

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From the Auto Industry

Via Boing Boing this morning: Source. Not much else really needs to be said, it is supposed to be saterical and thought provoking.  (Along with funny of course.) Technorati Tags: Bailout, Auto Industry

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table layout and size

table layout and size Originally uploaded by Olorinpc Here is the measurements and layout of the table. Don’t have a track layout yet, but getting there. Talked about it with my dad and he might have a few ideas there … Continue reading

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Table Finished

Table flush with shelf 2 Originally uploaded by Olorinpc Well I ended up having a little more initiative and time today than I thought I would. Shane was over and helped me finish putting this together. 2x4s for the frame … Continue reading

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Getting started

Well I picked up some wood from the hardware store today.  I have decided on a 4x8ft table. The plan is to use the 4x8ft plywood sheet as the surface of the table.  Underneath it I am building a square … Continue reading

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In the dog house

Along the line of Ede’s doggy court, Sparky was busted, evidence collected, and sentenced. Today’s criminal, one Mr. Sparky Barnard, was caught red-handed. Exhibit A) Unfortunately this was discovered as merely a cover story for the larger crime.  Committed in … Continue reading

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