Blogging Assistant Today

Since I am working on blogging today.  (Being that I am off of work for the whole week.)  I am working in my upstairs office.

This has given me an assistant today.  He is an excellent foot warmer, along with being very agreeable on my post ideas.

Say hello to Sparky!

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About Jakob Barnard

I live in Jamestown, ND where I work for, a firefighter with the Jamestown Rural Fire Dept, and keep rather busy.
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5 Responses to Blogging Assistant Today

  1. Thatedeguy says:

    Looks more like he’s ashamed of your post ideas to me… 😉

  2. Jake says:

    While I would have to admit that is in theory possible, I would like to think that they were so great that he had to look away in awe.

  3. Jake says:

    Sparky would say hi back, but he ran off downstairs 🙂

  4. Jake says:

    He’s too shy Dad! But, does love the carpet upstairs…Boo!