Monthly Archives: February 2008

RSS feed down

I am experiencing quite a few issues with the feedburner syndication of the RSS feed for this site. Unfortunately it is taking longer than expected to fix, so I do not really have an eta for it. I do hope to have the issue corrected within the next 24hrs. [tags]olorinpc, jake barnard, rss, feedburner[/tags]

What does the internet do for you?

It’s actually an interesting question to ask yourself. “What does the internet do for me?” News, entertainment, keeping in touch, games, etc. The potential list goes on for a while. The post about abandoning myspace came after sitting down and asking myself that exact question. “What was I really getting out of the time I… Read More »

deviantART page

I have added a page on the right side.  The page will show 5 random deviations, art that I have submitted, and 5 random favorites.  (Other peoples artistic pieces that I have noted.) Feel free to check out that page ~ or go straight on to my deviantART page. [tags]olorinpc, jake barnard, deviantART, da[/tags]

New dedication to this site

I will paste below this, my “myspace” post. The gist is however, I would rather upkeep this blog, than the mired mess of other social profiles I have managed to get myself into. In all reality, I have overbooked myself. I tried to upkeep this site, myspace, facebook, firefigher nation, deviantART, work blogs, (play World… Read More »