Monthly Archives: November 2006

So glad elections are over

I was thinking about this today… man am I glad elections are over. Why?  Do I think great things are now going to be done, naaa that isn’t it.  I can finally watch TV without having to watch lame politicians backstabbing each other during ever commercial break.  Seriously – it does nothing but prove you… Read More »

Mr. Fix-It

Well I have been playing Mr Fixit around the house this week.  Winter showed up finally, and well it has gotten pretty chilly.  I had been meaning to go out and get the plastic insulating stuff for the windows, but I ended up adding a few things to my list. You see… ice also showed… Read More »

A book to read… The Amber Wizard

I know one thing I am always looking is a new book to read. I recently just finished a book by a new author that I hadn’t seen before. The Amber Wizard by David Forbes was a book that just caught my eye. I was down in Miami for work, sitting in the airport. I… Read More »

Ahhh the holiday season

Actually having a decent amount of vacation time means I get some additional time off during the holidays this year.  Jennie and I are heading down to the cities for Thanksgiving.  I am taking an extra day and a half off so we can spend more time down in the cities visiting people.  Wednesday will… Read More »

Windows Live Writer (Beta)

Well I am working on blogging more once again… it seems to be kind of a cycle for me.  Though I have been told the lack of posting is annoying people lol, so I should work on it more.   This is the first trial post though using the Live Writer… so far it looks… Read More »

Second Day of NaNoWriMo

What is that?  National Writing month… 50,000 words (aprox 175 pages) in the month of Nov.  If you haven’t yet heard, Shane and I have decided to work together on this and co-author a novel. Why?  Well partly, it is something we have apparently both tried and tried to do on our own.  I know… Read More »