Monthly Archives: September 2006

Great weekend

Well the weekend went great.  Out of the weekend came a lot of fun, some good stories, and a wedding of course! I got to see a lot of great people this past weekend – and had a number of them as part of the wedding.  I will try to post more later, still working… Read More »

Almost ready…

Well we made some great progress tonight! We met with some of the family that arrived tonight and had dinner. Then Ann, Shane, Trav, and Jess helped us start getting the various projects ready for the reception. We got a lot more done than we expected, so there is that much less to do tomorrow… Read More »

Yep this week

well things are still coming together.  We got the draft of the program finished this weekend.  Still a little stressfull for us trying to finish everything up, but there is the getting excited part too. 🙂 I have been talking to a number of people who are going to be heading this way soon, and… Read More »

On the countdown…

Welp – we are on the final count down here.  People will start arriving in town here in one week now, with the wedding being in 9 days, 1 hour, and 56 min.  (Well till midnight the day of… I have a little countdown clock on my MySpace page.) I really can’t wait to see… Read More »

Games of Tag

Well, Ede decided to keep something interesting going. A blogging version of tag. I have been given 5 works, I am supposed to say the word and the first thing that comes to mind with that word. It does seem like a bit o’ fun, so I will give it a try. First word: wire,… Read More »