Monthly Archives: August 2006

A bit behind…

Well folks, it looks like all of us here at SGB have gotten a bit distracted with our other projects.  Don’t worry – we are still around and are looking to get a fresh jump on this site. If anyone has any submissions for us, please feel free to send them our way! Thanks!

Fun weekend

Well the weekend was a fun time.  It was great hanging out with a bunch of the guys, and they made sure I had a good time too lol.  Not everyone could make it of course, but when dealing with that many schedules and at least 2-3 states, tooootally understandable.  There were 10 of us… Read More »

Bachelor Party and a Birthday!

Well – it is going to be a fuuuun weekend!  We are having my bachelor party tomorrow in Fargo.  Why Fargo you might ask?  Well there are two reasons for that… first being that there are more forms and places of entertainment available there.  Second, and the larger reason I think, is that Jennie and… Read More »

Back in Dallas again

I was back in Dallas again from Sunday night to Wednesday night. I was there for some Beta training for the software I work with. The training was called “Beta” because MS had never run a class through it before, so a bunch of us were the test subjects. It was actually a very good… Read More »


Well I thought I would take the time to make a quick post.  My dsl is being transfered to the new place sometime this morning, but until the new line is active – I am without internet at home. Does this stop a true geek?  Heck no!  Work is calling me (since I did let… Read More »


Did I ever mention… that moving and packing sucks?  Well it does. Well, I think most of you guys have heard, Jennie and I have to move again…  we have been living in a house that was still for sale, and unfortunately it sold.  So we have to move.  These things happen, so we are… Read More »