The Weekend Update

Well hope everyone is having a good weekend!  I was out of town for a couple of days on a business trip.  It went very well – I will have more news about that on Monday.

The Stutsman County Fair is this week as well.  Jennie and I went up for a little bit last night, but didn’t stay too long.  I was still tired from the traveling, and we had our first marrage class this morning, so didn’t want to oversleep.  (The class went well also.)  Tonight my friends (Holiday) are playing at the fair, so we will be up there a bit longer and it will be a great time I am sure.  Ann and Shane are heading up – so some friends to wander around the fair for a while with as well.

Well that is all for now, I will have a big post ready for everyone on Monday.

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About Jakob Barnard

I live in Jamestown, ND where I work for, a firefighter with the Jamestown Rural Fire Dept, and keep rather busy.
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