Product Review – LG LP4100

This product – is not only funny, but honestly probably very practical.

The LP4100 also allows users to set up the phone so on certain nights and after a certain time they do not call certain people in their phone book. Think ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend.

If you have a blood alcohol level over .08, the phone will not let you dial that person. So it not only promotes sobriety, but chastity — and probably your dignity, as well.

That is the funny aspect at it – setting your phone to prevent drunk dialing… but this really is a practical aspect. No longer will you and your friends (or significant other) have the old argument about “Yes, I am totally fine to drive.” You can now say “Look – way under the limit. I really am fine.”

From the prospecticve of a former bartender, I really do like this product.  It would just take people taking more responsibility for themselves.

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