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Ahh dealing blackjack.  I have picked that up again a bit for a little extra cash.  No more than a night or two a week – but when one has a good night it helps.  (Last night was a good night.)  The crappy part is… i loose my weekends again.  Filled in both Friday and… Read More »

H.A.L. This is your Father.

Lee at Music you (possibly) won’t hear anyplace else made the discovery recently of a old LP from 1961 whit a few synthesized computer language tracks on it. The significance of this is that it could possibly be one of the earliest recordings of the technology that we use so often today. The other significance… Read More »

Win a HP Compaq Tablet TC1100

Palm Addicts is putting on a contest of sorts. A user will be picked at random from the people who post onto the palm addicts forums between today and the end date. What’s the end date you ask? we will keep this little contest open for a few weeks Awfully cryptic isn’t it. Well, if… Read More »


Well right now is one of my currently random moments online.  We are in week 4 of the training, which is still going really well I believe. Oh before I forget – memo to the guys… initial plan is to do Tux shopping, in Fargo, on May 6th.  (JC Graduation weekend.)  I believe *most* of… Read More »

Comprehensive Web 2.0 list

David at VentureBlog pointed out(and relisted a portion) a list of Web 2.0 businesses. It’s no secret that I’m a believer in there being another bubble thats getting ready to burst. This list only seems to have reinforced that feeling. The list was posted on March 17. Now think about how many were probably missed… Read More »

The Social Corruption of

Front Page Gangs?  Digg Police? Banned URL’s?  Not in a social Web 2.0 site right?  Wrong.  Along with a fair amount of corroborating evidence, forever geek’s post “Digg Corrupted: Editor’s Playground, not User driven Website” exposes what has become one of the largest examples of anti-social social network sites. Digg  has become an excellent example… Read More »

How many search pages do you go?

The BBC(via Slashdot) reported on a study that says that not only do people generally stop after page 3 of the results, but that 62% click on a result from the first page. I guess I didn’t see the results of the study as anything groundbreaking. I personally will very rarely go to the second… Read More »

Free Broadband forever

Carphone Warehouse, a UK telephony company, announced the pricing for it’s newest bundled package.  The package, which is 9.99 a month includes free broadband forever, or for as long as you have the service.  Here’s the rundown from the press release: For a monthly fee of £9.99, TalkTalk customers will receive: Unlimited local and national… Read More »

Family History

Just to let people know – my Dad has been doing some great work on his family history site.  He has been working on converting a few of his sites over to wordpress. Dad has a few really good sites going on that I could recommend checking out: Our Family History On Survivor Computer Forensics… Read More »

Ahhh time to post

Well – for those who have been wondering… yes I am still alive.  I am now on my second week at VCSU for the Eagle Creek training.  The lab we are working in does not have outside access… so I have been a little cut off from the outside world there.  (By the time I… Read More »