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St. Patricks day.

In case you don’t know why St. Patricks day is celebrated… or you are bored sitting at work… shhh I will not tell… here are a couple of links with a good basic history of the holiday:’s_Day The … Continue reading

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Family History

Well Jennie made a comment last night – and I researched it. Apperently her Grandmother impressed into them every St. Pattys day about them being Scots-Irish not Irish and that there was a difference, and that they should remember that.So … Continue reading

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On how often to post.

Ede once again has a good thought provoking commentary on his site. I ended up writing quite the comment. I wrote more than I expected to, along with my plans for this site, that I felt I should repost the … Continue reading

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W00+ it is about to get exciting again!!!

So the big annoucement goes out today. I am changing jobs. I have accepted a position with Eagle Creek Software in Valley City, an opportunity to further my current career goals and achieve growth within a company closer to home. … Continue reading

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A few things to ponder…

So I got a little behind on my things to ponder. I am of the opinion it is because I was thinking too much. Irrision and ThatEdeGuy thought it was because I wasn’t thinking enough… so the super long ponder-post … Continue reading

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Ahhh Nap Wednesday

Well the downside is I have to cover the Sat shift (10am-2pm), but it did mean I didn’t have to come in till 1pm today.  Heh, so it was a rather nice and lazy day.   I did a little work … Continue reading

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New movie Tues

I have been wondering – why is it movies come out for rent on Tuesday? Why not a Thursday or a Friday night, which usually people rent more movies on? Do they think that then the rush will be less … Continue reading

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Hi Jess!

Well besides the fact that I really have been a slacker lately about blogging, Jess reminded me a couple of days ago that I do at least have some people who read my site. Readers come back for fresh content… … Continue reading

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