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Brilliantly done 3D Optimus Prime

Thought the movie is still lightyears away(2007), it seems it has stirred up a little of the Autobot/Decepticon in us all.  TechEBlog has a couple of pictures and a short movie from YouTube of a wonderfully done CGI Optimus Prime. If the servers speed up a little, you can see the originals along with the… Read More »

Steve Ballmer Suggests Microsoft May Go After Linux for Patent Infringement…

…and then proceeds to throw a chair, run around the room screaming like a gorilla, and chant like a cultist. But seriously. In an interview with Forbes Steve Ballmer suggested that Microsoft may intend to start enforcing its patents against Linux. He goes on to suggest, however, that Linux is not the threat they once… Read More »

FCC Chairman Mis-quoted, Slashdot and Digg suffer foot in mouth

Addition: After a great deal of digging I discovered two things about the contested quote. One, not to toot my own horn but I was clearly right on this being misquoted. Two, he made these statements at CES in a Q&A session with Gary Shapiro not at TelecomNEXT as originally stated in every other source.… Read More »

St. Patricks day.

In case you don’t know why St. Patricks day is celebrated… or you are bored sitting at work… shhh I will not tell… here are a couple of links with a good basic history of the holiday:’s_Day The symbol of shamrocks: An Irish tale tells of how Patrick used the three-leafed shamrock to… Read More »

Family History

Well Jennie made a comment last night – and I researched it. Apperently her Grandmother impressed into them every St. Pattys day about them being Scots-Irish not Irish and that there was a difference, and that they should remember that.So that got me to thinking… what the heck is Scot-Irish? Was granny loosing it then?… Read More »

This message will self-destruct in…

Everything USB is reporting on new USB flash drive from Kingston that will “self-destruct” if failed attempts to login exceed 25.  It even comes with an on-the-fly 128 bit AES encryption technology.  Thats what I call a fun toy. Although I don’t think that most of us would have a need for something quite that… Read More »

On how often to post.

Ede once again has a good thought provoking commentary on his site. I ended up writing quite the comment. I wrote more than I expected to, along with my plans for this site, that I felt I should repost the comment here as well. I would encourage anyone who has a personal website or blog… Read More »

Intel’s new Core Architecture revealed

“David Kanter over at RWT has posted a whopper of an article that gives the goods on Intel’s new Core architecture. The article comes complete with a nice architectural diagram that puts to rest any doubts about whether Core is in the P6 lineage (the Pentium Pro down through the Pentium III, which with major… Read More »

A few things to ponder…

So I got a little behind on my things to ponder. I am of the opinion it is because I was thinking too much. Irrision and ThatEdeGuy thought it was because I wasn’t thinking enough… so the super long ponder-post today is all their fault. IM programs. That is something for us to ponder. That… Read More »