Another weekend post

Well here is another weekend post. I had hoped to be blogging more this week, but a couple of things came up. For starters—work was extremely busy this week, something new for me. Second, I didn’t have anything I felt like blogging about so far this week.

The work stuff – don’t want to blog about that till I have some more concrete information. Though it is some exciting stuff and hope to be able to blog about it soon.

The weekend however, we are heading down to the Twin Cities. We have some errands to run down there, engagement pictures to have taken, and some family to visit. So it could turn out into a busy weekend… but that’s ok. My only goal is to be able to make it back in time to watch the Super Bowl. I have 2 teams, the Vikings and the Seahawks. Since one of them made it… must watch!

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About Jakob Barnard

I live in Jamestown, ND where I work for, a firefighter with the Jamestown Rural Fire Dept, and keep rather busy.
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One Response to Another weekend post

  1. Brady says:

    Note to self: Avoid TV all day Sunday in protest of overpaid football players. Instead look at job postings in an effort to someday be as overpaid as them.