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Why Windows Vista Won’t Suck

Extreme Tech has an excellent post on the features of Vista and why they feel that Everyone will want to upgrade this time around. Or do they? We know we titled this piece “Why Windows Vista Won’t Suck” and that’s a big statement to make. To be honest, we don’t know that it’s going to… Read More »

Java is yummy?

Well in its coffee form, yes. Though in the morning I am more of a Mt. Dew drinker. Anywho – my new project has been to attempt to relearn programming. I remember some of the C++ and Visual Basic I learned in college… but not enough to convince myself that I know how to program.… Read More »

Microsoft unveils Windows Vista times 6

Microsoft unveiled the six, yep six, versions of it’s upcoming Windows product.  Vista is set to release late this year.  The six versions were noted as: Vista Business Vista Enterprise Vista Home Basic Vista Home Premium Vista Ultimate Vista Starter Two different versions for Business and four for Home use.  Each with various changes that… Read More »


You are He-Man from Masters of the Universe! You take life very seriously, and you should, considering you are the keeper of all that is good and right in the universe! However, your nonstop suspicion of Skeletor and his henchman can start your friends wondering why you don’t loosen up once in awhile. Which Forgotten… Read More »

Ede get Slashdotted

Well congrats goes to ThatEdeGuy for catching some serious attention. We have been discussing this site (and the project in general) since it started popping up online. I have the feeling it is going to be something pretty cool from MS. Knowing MS, (Xbox anyone?) they will throw something out there to compete. Competition is… Read More »

HAL 9000 – Now USB?

I got a kick out of seeing this device: It is actually a pretty good deal. $69.99 on ThinkGeek, though it looks like it went out of stock pretty quick. A 1gb USB flashdrive. “Well order it!” “I can’t do that Dave… it is out of stock.” [tags]Thinkgeek, Gadgets, USB, Flashdrive[/tags]

Professional Gaming league gets funding (via slashdot) is reporting that Major League Gaming has received $10 million in funding to help with it’s efforts to become a professional sports league.  Holy Buckets!  I knew there was money in the industry, but a professional league of gamers? I’m sure that there are some people out there that think this is… Read More »

Ford Developing 60mpg pickup

Ford announced that they are developing a Hybrid pickup that is expected to get 60 mpg. The standard F-150 has a curb weight of about 4800 lbs., which is 65% greater than theToyota Prius, yet incredibly the Hydraulic F-150 with a continuously variable transmission matches the Prius with 60mpg city rating, that’s an amazing 400%… Read More »

Is Apple going to give up on OSX?

I normally do not agree with John C. Dvorak. However, in his latest article entitled “Will Apple Adopt Windows?” he argues that Apple will adopt windows and that Steve Jobs will make it acceptable.  I couldn’t agree more. At some point, I believe that Apple will find that the cost to develop new hardware and… Read More »