Monthly Archives: January 2006

Home james!

Sorry about the lack of posting… work has been numbing my mind – so I haven’t even done a post here this week. Yep – still have business stuff in the works, but still waiting to hear back on a couple of things before I blog about it. Jennie and I would like to be… Read More »

This kills me

Okay Jake sent me this flash animation that makes fun of overseas support. I have to say that it might not be the most politically correct, but I think it encompasses how most of us geeks feel about farmed out tech support. Check it out.

Yahoo! and Digg to wed?

Rumors are flying around the blogosphere today that seem to indicate that Yahoo! will be announcing the purchase of for a sum that is floating around $30-$35 Million. Quite the turn around for Kevin Rose and the gang as they just got $2-5 million in investment in the latter half of 2005. At this… Read More »

Savage Attack on the Capslock Key!

Matt Mower over at curiouser and curiouser makes a very good arguement against the capslock key. In the key’s defense, many of my co-workers use it constantly. It has become a function of their job and as a result all things that they do are in capslock. Yes, that includes email. While I find it… Read More »

What’s that sound? It’s a bad hard drive

Hitachi Global posted a quick Q&A from their support pages that has six of the worst sounds to hear coming from your hard drive.  Give em a listen so you know when to make that whole system backup. These can be valuable if you haven’t heard them before.  I can’t count how many times I’ve… Read More »

Why Scoble, Mano, and I want/need Windows Vista

It’s a bit unclear whether Scoble or Mano started this, but essentially, they are now collaborating on a post with links to juicy video’s of new Vista content.  I believe that the video’s have been around for a while, but they serve as a good reminder of the advances expected in Vista. Mano’s post with… Read More »