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Home james!

Sorry about the lack of posting… work has been numbing my mind – so I haven’t even done a post here this week. Yep – still have business stuff in the works, but still waiting to hear back on a … Continue reading

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Ede’s from Outerspace?

Looks kinda like an Alien, but no… its an Edelet!  The Ede’s got an ultrasound yesterday – and posted it on his site. Pretty cool eh?

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Family History

Maybe it is just because I graduated with a History Major…  (Well it was combined with a Political Science major… but we History majors knew what we were) but I am finding my Dad’s genealogy study very fascinating.  He had … Continue reading

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Wedding Fair

Well the weekend went pretty well I think. Friday was Irrision’s going away party in Jamestown – so that ended up being a bit of drinking… but hey it was a good time. Sat – took a while (but hey … Continue reading

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The weekend trip…

Well folks – it is quite possible that i will be blogging more than usual this weekend. It will be bit of a different weekend than usual. Usually Jennie and I take off together for Jamestown and spend the weekend … Continue reading

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Jennie joins the geeks!

Well my hat’s off to ThatEdeGuy for posting on this first. My fiancee Jennie has joined us in blogging. She is planning on writing about life, wedding stuff, and other things like that. Check her blog out folks! Here is … Continue reading

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Site changes and other random things…

Well as I am sure you have noticed… put a new logo up. (Thanks Ede for helping fix the blasted css code!) Designed and made it myself – so I am rather partial to it. Now I think I am … Continue reading

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Confusion – Poem

Past coming alive, Future becoming clouded, Memories draining, Thoughts provoking, Mind restraining, Heart lost, Lost in the midst, Midst of old, Midst of new, Forgetting past, In favor of future, Hoping for the continuation, Continuation of Hope, Better days, They … Continue reading

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Wal-mart feels the power of the net…

ThatEdeGuy has a post over on his blog about Wal-Mart catching flack for their “similar items” function mis-functioning. It is actually a pretty interesting story – with the point being that the internet is a powerfull way to disseminate information. … Continue reading

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More states consider game-related legislation-What a waste of our tax $$$

There is a good article on the DailyTech about how a couple of more states want to limit or ban the sale of explicit or violent games to minors.  This particular post originated on SuperGeek – but I felt the … Continue reading

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