Monthly Archives: December 2005

killin time…

Well I am compiling here at work and setting up 2003 server on a laptop (wow that sucks… trust me), so I figured I would write up a post here. With the work on the laptop I haven’t gotten as much done here on this site as I was hoping, but maybe in the next… Read More »

Trade your old CD’s for an iPod

A place called Millennium Music has one heck of a deal for you. They’ll trade you an iPod for your old CD’s. They even have a scale that will tell you how many CD’s you have to send them and which iPod you will get in return. Sounds like a deal. Frankly, with iTunes, I… Read More »

New template

Ok – so the testing and interesting developments will continue… the domain will take a few days to transfer, and then I will have to set the dns to this site. I do have a new template going here that I am gonna tweak and tweak till I like it… so please excuse the mess!… Read More »

Hey all – moved!

Ok – sorry folks if was missing, loaded weird, or whatnot. I moved the domain to godaddy, converted the site to wordpress, and changed hosts… sooo things might get funky. I will be working on the template on and off, so don’t be surprised if things shift around or whatnot. On the bright side,… Read More »

Best DVD Media

I thought this was a nice concise list of DVDR media and their rated quality. I’ve seen many other lists that have lengthy reviews and tests but this is nice in that it arrives at a simple list for easy reference. Check it out.

Microsoft to Buy Opera?

There have been perma-rumors surrounding the Opera browser for several months if not several years. Those rumors have heated up quite a bit in the last few days. It seems that Google was interested(rumor) and now the big rumor of the last week has been that Microsoft is interested. Today, Varun Dubey at CoolTechZone wrote… Read More »

Microsoft Live Messenger 8.0 invites on Ebay

Been hankering to try out Live Messenger 8.0? (jake?) Well, unless your especially lucky enough to work for Uncle Bill, chances are you probably didn’t get an invite to the beta. Well, fret no more. Appearantly, there are quite a few people who want to profit from the situation. And what better place to do… Read More »

Seagate to buy Maxtor for $2 Billion

SeaMax? MaxGate? SeagateMaxtor? As of this moment, Seagate is the #1 Hard Drive manufacturer in the world. Maxtor? #3. In the world of Hard drives, this is monumental. Western Digital is currently #2. Soon to become a very distant #2. As more and more hard drives are being purchased for more and more applications, Seagate… Read More »

There is no Spoon

There has been a lot of talk lately about whether Web 2.0 really exists or not. Richard MacManus says it’s dead and it was all hype to begin with. Dave Winer says we’re getting fleeced. and Russell Shaw started it all. Web 2.0 is bunk. […] Or, as Wikipedia puts it: “Skeptics argue that the… Read More »