Monthly Archives: November 2005

USB Thumb Drive – Sandisc Cruzr Micro 512mb

I just picked up a SD Cruzr Micro 512Mb thumbdrive today. Got a good deal on it at Radioshack. They have them for $29.99 in-store after instant $10 rebate that isn’t always advertised on the tag. They’re definately handy as hell, the first thing I did was copy Portable Firefox to it (Jeez what else… Read More »

cool and yummy

a friend sent me this link, do not know if he was specifically thinking of the wedding, but this would look great for it! – Custom Printed MM’s! I mean cool and yummy. I think it might be a good idea for the wedding. Guests can snack on them and stuff. Plus if we… Read More »


There has been quite a bit of discussion about Digg catching up to Slashdot. I think what people fail to see is that there are major differences in why people go to the other site. Some users no longer visit the Slashdot site-but it depends on what they are looking for. Digg is my first… Read More »

another poem

Each of course was written by me and meaning something at the time it was written and something to me now of course as well…. It is time to toss the dice; Are we Men or are we Mice; It is time to toss the dice; Where do our fortunes lie; When the light of… Read More »

D&D goes Digital

Turbine Games is set to release Dungeons & Dragons Online: Stormreach early next year. There are currently Beta testing opportunities for fileplanet subscribers. They do appear to have tried to stay true to the offline D&D: We are working closely with Wizards of the Coast, the author and publisher of the most recent edition of… Read More »