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Business Planning update

Well – I got to work on the plan some more this weekend with a friend. We managed to incorporate some more realistic projections into the thing. Even so, it is looking like we are onto something with our idea.

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website testing

Well since we started using wordpress for SGB – I have been very impressed with that software and more and more unimpressed with blogger. I am looking though instead of porting over to WordPress, getting back into using a CMS … Continue reading

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Big announcment eh?

ThatEdeGuy just listed this interesting post on his site. What could be so important about Turkey Day? I suggest full fledged amusing speculation on this issue folks. In the spirit of google-fan boys on digg. So – what could it … Continue reading

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Just kinda here…

Kind of a slow day at work… so looking at the news sites around. Haven’t found too many things exciting – though the one thing I did find to post on SGB, was posted by one of my partners for … Continue reading

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Business Planning

You know, planning a business I knew wasn’t simple. Duh, but there is a whole lot more to it than I ever thought. I have a great business idea. I am working with a couple of friends to get it … Continue reading

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Fargo or Jamestown? Balancing needs with wants

I decided to repost my comments to a story on ThatEdeGuy’s blog. Mostly because he hit on a topic that is hot in North Dakota, but I feel has little useful things done about it in the political realm. He … Continue reading

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