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Proposing – using up a years worth of creativity

Well if you have ever decided to propose… its a nerve wracking process. Deciding to do it wasn’t as hard as I always thought it would be. It was the trying to keep from getting found out before it happend … Continue reading

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Wedding Tech?

Beyond the possible use of an iPOD for dj’in (whch I am not swayed about in either direction) What other nifty things are there for the geek who is getting hitched? As you folks might have read on ThatEdeGuy’s blog … Continue reading

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Linux vs. Linux: Which Distro Should You Dump Windows For?

“You’re ready to be a card-carrying Linux geek, but with several different Linux distributions available, you don’t know where to start. Which one offers the best balance of tools, performance, and price? Bryan Hoff takes you through the most popular … Continue reading

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Harry Potter 2nd theatrical trailer is up!

AOL is hosting it… and it looks pretty damn cool. If you never did like the series… well… skip this one, but I liked this book the best so far-so I am going to enjoy this film quite a bit. … Continue reading

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Sept. 13th, 2005 Mario officially turns 20 years old!

Are you REALLY that old? The original Jumpman, Nintendo’s cash cow and most recognized video game character today turns 20 years old. Where were you when you first played Super Mario Bros? How fast can you run through the first … Continue reading

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Unlocking the Google Mini

“Hardware review site Anandtech recently migrated their site search over to a Google Mini rackmount box. In true techie style, they couldn’t resist taking it apart first” It is a very neat review they have posted.

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SuperGeek Blog Launching!

The SuperGeekBlog website is in the process of forming! While I have been posting plenty of tech stuff here, I have decided to keep this mostly as a personal blog space. Deciding that, a tech blog was in order. After … Continue reading

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Blogger earns $15849 a Month Blogging

Guy seems to know how and what he is doing. Gives us newer boggers something to shoot for – or at the very least more insperation when trying to work harder on our blogs. read more | digg story

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Building a $1,000 Gaming PC

A $1,000 Gaming Rig with only a 5-10 Frame per/sec difference between that of an FX-57/7800GTX combo. **I recently looked into what it would cost to build myself a new setup. Ran about 1k with pretty close to the same … Continue reading

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