Monthly Archives: August 2005

Jake’s Corner… a tent feature? Who would have thought? I camped quite a lot when younger with boyscouts and whatnot… but never have I heard of this tent feature… which happens to share its name with my blog! haha for the day. ” [11:15] Thatedeguy: hahahahahaha [11:17] Thatedeguy: Jake’s Corner, a fully-removable structural element that strengthens and supports the… Read More »

free partion software

Finally, what looks like a great free alternative for moving, making, and deleting partitions. I’ve always hated having to buy partitioning software because of the limited amount of use you get. I always end up wondering how many times I will have to partition my hard drive to get my $60 worth. While I don’t… Read More »

Wolf Claw Type II Gaming Keyboard

Wolf Claw Type II Gaming Keyboard makes both gaming and general computing a delight. Just looks cool. Doesn’t seem like it would be that hard to learn. Keyboard variations are becoming more prevelent… but personally I am waiting to see what the “killer design” is going to be before getting one. read more | digg story

Birthday blog post

Well my birthday is tomorrow… so we are headin out on the town. So… no geek posts tonight, but tomorrow I will find some interesting stuff to post here. Night all – olo

Installation – Virtual Constructs

Virtual Constructs – Not sure what sort of power would be needed to render this on a larger scale… but if you read through the implications page, you can see how this technology could be developed to be extreamly useful. Imagin say having glasses that dispalyed the virtual objects real time while doing a construction.… Read More »